The title of this article says it all. We are saying that transcription is one of the best careers for graduates. In this case we are obviously not talking about professional courses but graduates from arts, science and commerce. Let us be clear about one thing here; we are not saying transcription is the only career choice, but one of the best.

The reasons for this are given below:

  • No further studies required: This is one of the main points in favor of transcription, you need not do any course or pursue post graduation to start a career. Most careers will require further money and time spent on courses. For instance a commerce graduate will have to do a computer course to make himself/herself desirable in the job market. An arts graduate will have to do a teaching course to qualify as a teacher.


  • Training is provided on the job: Medical transcription companies like TransDyne provide you free training on the job. That is both theoretical and practical aspects of the job are covered in the training. This way even as you learn, you will be using the knowledge in a live atmosphere.


  • Career growth is assured: This is one career your level of growth is ensured by your efforts and hard work. The more sincere and diligent you are in your work, the better your growth prospects will be. The longevity of service or for that matter your age does not factor in your growth prospects.


  • Earnings are good and the industry is stable: Once again these two factors are very important in making the right career choice. In transcription your earnings increase with the amount of work you put in and the industry enjoys stability as it is associated with the healthcare industry.

You can see that all these factors do make transcription a good career choice. 

TransDyne is the largest transcription company in Andhra Pradesh and ranks amongst the best in India. They have a strong client base, competence in multiple specialties, state-of-the-art technology and management systems, a 1,200 plus team of capable people, and unmatched physical infrastructure providing the stability and the strength to grow exponentially. 

Their contribution to the industry and employee-friendly management policies were recognized by the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, which honored them with the Best Management Award and the Best IT SME Award. 

TransDyne, as an industry leader, has already helped thousands of youngsters make a career with only good knowledge in English as the eligibility criterion. The sound training techniques used by TransDyne combined with extensive mentoring has helped many youngsters establish themselves as expert medical transcriptionists, proofreaders and quality auditors.

The best part about the training policies and methods of TransDyne is that, it is a dynamic process – subject to changes as per the changing needs of the moment. TransDyne offers free training to all the candidates who have been selected in return for a commitment from them. This arrangement has proven mutually advantageous to both the company as well as the employees.

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